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Cooler Master USP Silencio 652S Midi-Toren Zwart computerbehuizing

Cooler Master USP Silencio 652S Midi-Toren Zwart computerbehuizing  
Cooler Master

Cooler Master

Cooler Master USP Silencio 652S Midi-Toren Zwart computerbehuizing

Micro-ATX/ATX, USB 3.0 x 2, Steel/Polymer, 10.4 kg, Midnight Black
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Cooler Master - Cooler Master USP Silencio 652S Midi-Toren Zwart computerbehuizing
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Cooler Master Silencio 652S, USP. Vormfactor: Midi-Toren, Soort: PC, Materiaal: Polymeer, Staal. Ondersteunde vormfactoren stroomvoorziening: ATX. Aantal geïntstalleerde ventilators voorkant: 1x 120 mm, Voorste ventilators ondersteunende diameters: 120 mm, Zijkant ventilators ondersteunende diameters: 180,200 mm. Supported hard disk drive sizes: 2.5,3.5", Compatibele geheugenkaarten: SD. Breedte: 220 mm, Diepte: 508,6 mm, Hoogte: 507 mm

Premium Silent Cooling
Equipped with Cooler Master's all-new Silencio FP 120 fans, the Silencio 652S delivers uncompromising, whisper-quiet performance. Silencio FP 120 fans feature specially designed blades that allow both extremely quiet operation and high air pressure. Consuming less power than typical case fans (0.6W, 12V, 0.05A) and featuring IP6X dust resistance, Silencio FP 120 boast a staggering 160,000 hour lifespan, making Silencio 652S extremely quiet and highly durable. Besides the inclusion of Silencio FP 120 fans, Silencio 652S features support for 120/240mm water cooling systems with removable covers on the top and side panels. A large interior ensures ample space for the latest high-end graphics cards and CPU coolers, while adjustable HDD/SSD trays provide support for up to 9 HDDs or 10 SSDs. Maintenance is a breeze with multiple dust filters throughout the chassis (top, bottom, front, side).

- Supremely silent mid-tower with noise cancelling materials and an elegant matte finish
- Three 120mm “Silencio FP 120” fans included for absolute silence and excellent airflow
- Removable covers on the top and side panel for improved cooling capabilities
- Liquid cooling ready - supports 240mm radiators (top) or 120mm radiators (rear)
- Dual Super Speed USB 3.0 & SD card reader
- Supports high-end CPU coolers up to 168mm tall and graphics cards up to 423mm long
- Supports up to 10 SSDs /9 HDDs with the HDD/SSD combo cage and the 5.25”-to-3.5” adapter
- Multiple dust filters (top, bottom, front, side panel) for easy system maintenance

The new Silencio FP 120 (FP: Fan Pressure) fan technology ensures that no compromises are made to build a silent cooling system. Each fan is designed with large fan blades that, with its proprietary technology, produce less noise (11±1 dBA) while creating high air pressure. A new system will likely be long obsolete by the time that these fans expire as they carry a 160,000 hour life expectancy with IP6X full dustproofing that protects the fan bearing and keeps it running silent for a long time.

- Ultra Low Noise: 11±1dBA
- Optimum Air Pressure
- More power-saving: consumes lower current (0.6W, 12V, 0.05A) compared to the normal fans (12V, 0.15A)
- Loop Dynamic Bearing:
- 1.Dust-proof: IP6X (the highest level of dust test standard)
- 2.Super Long Life expectancy: up to 160,000 hrs

There are three Silencio FP 120 fans installed in the Silencio 652S - two in the front to intake cool air with minimum noise (11±1dBA) and one in the rear to exhaust the heat. It's more power-saving which consumes lower circuit (0.6 watt, 12V, 0.05Amp) simultaneously.

Garantie: 2 years