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Value 16GB DDR4 2133

Value 16GB DDR4 2133

Value 16GB DDR4 2133

ValueSelect 16GB DDR4 2133MHz 2 x 260 SODIMM Unbuffered 15-15-15-36 1.20V
€ 138,94 Corsair


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Corsair - Value 16GB DDR4 2133
Categorie Geheugen intern
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Corsair ValueSelect 16GB DDR4-2133. Intern geheugen: 16 GB, Intern geheugentype: DDR4, Kloksnelheid geheugen: 2133 MHz

Corsair is a global company bringing innovative, high-performance components to the PC gaming market. Specializing in very high performance memory, ultra-efficient power supplies, and other key system components, Corsair products are the choice of overclockers, enthusiasts, and gamers everywhere.

Corsair built its reputation on performance memory that shines in the most demanding computing situations: extreme gaming and high-transaction processing environments. But not all computers are put to such extreme usage. So we brought the same reliability, testing and Corsair quality to a line of memory designed to support standard computing situations such as popular office applications. Now it’s one of our most popular memory lines. Backed with a lifetime warranty, it is memory you can rely on.