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Fractal Design Core 500 Zwart computerbehuizing

Fractal Design Core 500 Zwart computerbehuizing  
Fractal Design

Fractal Design

Fractal Design Core 500 Zwart computerbehuizing

Mini ITX, Mini DTX, 3.12.7 cm (5") x 3, 2.12.7 cm (5") x 3, 5.63.5 cm (25") , USB 3.0 x 2
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Fractal Design - Fractal Design Core 500 Zwart computerbehuizing
Categorie Computerbehuizingen & -staanders
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Fractal Design Core 500. Soort: PC, Supported motherboard form factors: Mini-DTX, Mini-ITX, Kleur van het product: Zwart. Vermogenstoevoer locatie: Bodem, Ondersteunde vormfactoren stroomvoorziening: ATX. Achterkant ventilators ondersteunende diameters: 120,140 mm, Bovenste ventilators ondersteunende diameters: 120,140 mm, Ondersteunde afmetingen achterste radiatorventilator: 120 mm. Supported hard disk drive sizes: 2.5,3.5". LED-indicatoren: HDD, Stroom

The Core 500 is the perfect PC case for those looking for a small, compact chassis that lets you build your computer without compromising on component selection.
The case comes with one Silent Series R3 140mm fan which offers great cooling from the get go. For those who wish to expand their cooling ability there is room for an additional two 140 mm fans, water cooling radiators up to 280mm or air coolers up to 170 mm in height.
Additionally, with minimal compromise, the Core 500 can fit one ODD bay, three 3.5"drives and three 2.5" drives, allowing you to use every last square millimeter of this compact, 19.5 liter case.

Key features
- Brushed aluminum-look front panel with a sleek, three-dimensional textured finish
- Very compact case with a volume of only 19.5 liters
- Extremely good water cooling support for its size, supporting radiators up to 280mm long
- Smart drive bay placement allows you to fit up to three 3.5"drives, three 2.5" and one 5.25" drive simultaneously
- Supports Mini-ITX motherboards, ATX power supplies and graphics cards up to 310mm in length
- Supports tall CPU cooler towers, up to 170mm in height
- Featuring a Fractal Design Silent Series R3 140mm rear exhaust fan for great cooling
- Big magnetic filters for the side and top air intake together with a PSU filter ensures a dust free interior